How to read the Tarot: Course 1

How to read the Tarot: Course 1

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Guided by Instructor Deborah Keleman at The Labyrinth

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is required for this course.

The Tarot is a profound system for those that seek answers from more than just within. It is a method that anyone can learn, regardless of what your current level experience is.

This is deep system of spiritual knowledge, associations with correspondences that you may never even have thought of, and various steps to allow yourself to be open to information on a higher plane.  This course opens the door to that knowledge.

Join me, Deborah Keleman, as I help you navigate your way, at your own pace, through The Tarot's intricate reading process. Several of the topics covered in Course One, are as follows:

  • Introduction and a comprehensive digital packet of information.
  • Prep work and what to do before beginning
  • How to Read the tarot
  • Learning the meaning of the major arcana cards
  • Easy 3 Card Spread


Once you have completed the courses, you will be able to apply this knowledge to any other deck you feel comfortable using in the future.

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