The art of tasseography - tea leaf reading with Deborah Keleman

The art of tasseography - tea leaf reading with Deborah Keleman

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Have you ever finished a cup of tea or a glass of wine and thought there might be a a deeper meaning behind the symbols in the leaves and sediment left in your cup? Are you interested in learning all about the art of tasseography, or more commonly known as tea leaf reading. Hi I'm Deborah Keleman and in this class I'll breakdown every aspect in an easy to follow video, including tips for picking out the correct utensils, reading yourself and others with tea and wine, a in depth glossary of symbols.


 Several of the topics covered in this course, are as follows:

  • The history behind this fun and fascinating divination technique.
  • Some of the materials you need.
  • What cups you should and should not use.
  • The do's and the do nots
  • How to read the leaves for yourself and others! 


A PDF booklet will be included with this purchase that includes all the course material I cover in this class, a how to read the cup illustration, and a dictionary of symbols!

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